Good Guy With a Gun Stops School Shooting, Media Goes Silent

Does anyone else find it a bit suspect that there was yet another school shooting, but this time the media has completely dropped the story in less than 24 hours? No interviews with survivors, no student walk outs; nothing. With school shootings being used as a basis for yet another attempt at ‘gun control’ why has this one so quickly fallen off the radar; because it simply doesn’t support the agenda of those seeking to violate the Constitution and take away your right to self protection.

The narrative of this school shooting is much different from the ones we see in the media because this time it was stopped by a good guy with a gun. This time it was a quick acting RSO, a good guy with a gun, who shot and killed the shooter before he could create anymore carnage. At a time when many of us are calling for common sense security in our schools, this incident supports our case, so the anti-gun media will bury this one deep. The naked truth is: a good guy/gal with a gun is what stops a bad guy/gal with a gun, but the media aren’t nearly as interested in ‘reporting the news’ as they are in promoting an agenda.

Liberals and their media lapdogs are being seen by many for what they are; anti-1st Amendment, Anti-2nd Amendment – anti-American. Americans are buying up the evil ‘AR-15s’ at record pace, 30 round magazines or ‘high capacity rapid fire cartridges’ as the anti-gunners call them are flying out the door, and my concealed carry classes now have waiting lists. The talking heads keep talking, but we the people aren’t all as stupid as they think we are.


A View From the Range: The Elderly Couple and Their AR-15

With all this talk about banning the inherently ‘evil’ AR-15 I thought I would share a little story with you. Recently as I was going about my normal duties at the gun store/indoor range an elderly couple, regulars and range members, came in carrying a new AR-15 still in its original box. A little back story, the elderly gentleman had started teaching his wife about guns about a year prior as he was having some health issues and wanted to make sure she could always protect herself. She really enjoyed their weekly time at the range and had become a pretty good shot. Today, AR-15 in hand, they asked for some advice; they needed to trick out this AR and get it sighted in. They said they had purchased it about a year ago (I assume prior to the election) and had just stored it in a closet. Now they wanted to get it set up and learn to fire it because in their words, “the government is talking stupid.” Amen. So we added a nice red dot sight and bore sighted it in before taking it out to the range. After a little time with one of the other instructors, they were drilling the target at 25 yards. Nice.

This couple knew the importance of self reliance and was clearly wise enough not to trust the government to act in their best interest. They are not alone; since this new gun control push began, ‘fully semi-automatic’ AR-15’s are flying out the door as are those ‘high capacity rapid fire magazines’ that dishonest politicians keep referring to. The relentless attacks on the NRA have led to a massive wave of new members as Americans push back against this attack on our 2nd Amendment rights. Fact: not all Americans are tide pod eating pawns waiting on some politician to tell us what to think.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Keep your powder dry!

If You Can’t Trust Teachers With Guns…

The idea of arming teachers to protect students is nothing new, but in the aftermath of the Florida school shooting, this idea has once again risen to the surface. Could this be a common sense solution to school shootings? I would say yes if used in conjunction with other common sense security measures such as locking the door! However, there are some talking heads and liberal politicians claiming that this just adds to the problem of ‘gun violence’ and that teachers can’t be trusted to handle firearms around children. Some black lawmakers are even claiming that armed teachers would be a danger to minority students – really?!?! The fact is, some school teachers and/or other school employees could safely and effectively carry a firearm and act as an effective deterrent to those who might wish to harm our school kids. Continue reading “If You Can’t Trust Teachers With Guns…”

Gear Review: Best Concealment IWB Holster

With all the madness going on in the world, more and more people are making the correct choice to own and carry a firearm. I have had a carry permit for many years and recently became certified as a RSO (Range Safety Officer) and as a Firearms Instructor. I choose to carry my firearm in various ways depending on the situation. In some situations I open carry, but more often than not I carry concealed. I have long believed that concealed carry gives you an added element of surprise and in a high stress situation you need every advantage you can get. You may have read my previous article on why you need a pocket gun , but as useful as a small gun can be I wanted/needed something a bit larger for everyday carry. After renting and shooting a wide range of guns I finally settled on the compact Glock 43; a small single stack 9 mm with a 6 round capacity. With that settled, I needed a light IWB (inside the waistband) holster that was tough but wouldn’t break the bank. Face it, you can spend a lot on a quality holster.


I settled on a Kydex holster from Concealment Express. This holster is custom made for this firearm, not one of the generic sized ones that rarely fit right. It has adjustable retention and adjustable carry angle; this comes in handy for me as I carry behind my hip so tilting forward makes for an easier draw.



Searching their selection, it appears they make a version for every handgun I could think of. Made in the US, a lifetime warranty and priced under $40 made it a good bet. I’ve been using it almost every day for a couple of months now and so far I’m really happy with it. Ultra thin and comfortable; it’s definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for an IWB holster.

Find One To Fit Your Gun Here!

Keep your powder dry!

#MAGA: American Made Gun Magnet

Those who’ve been here before know I’m a huge fan of gun magnets; I’ve been using them in the car as well as around the house. They are a great way to conceal a firearm under a desk, table, cabinet, or under the dash of your car. I have magnets in both cars as I find it much easier to draw from the magnet than from a holster while in a seated position. I’ve tried (and reviewed) several in the past see (Gear Review: Keeper Magnetic Gun Mount and Anti-Carjacking Device), but I think I have found my favorite: AZ Industries American Made Gun Magnet.

Yes, I do like that fact that it’s made in the US, and yes it is a little more expensive than some of the others, but the design is simply better and the quality seems better.


This magnet is quite a bit longer than any of the others I’ve tried and so it makes more contact with the slide of the gun. The unit actually consists of 3 internal magnets that are surprisingly strong and holds the gun in place even when driving over pothole filled streets. Continue reading “#MAGA: American Made Gun Magnet”

Too Young to Buy a Rifle Then Too Young To Vote

When is a child no longer a child? When I was growing up, out on your own at 18 was the general rule ( I was out even younger.) My grandparents were married when he was 15 and she was 13, out on their own, farming and raising a family. Today it seems that many are still living at home well into their 30’s with little or no desire to be on their own. What happened? So as a result of this societal failure we have laws that no longer seem logical: drinking age 21, smoking 18, driving 16, abortion anytime, military service 18,  purchase handgun 21, purchase rifle 18, voting 18. According to the attorneys defending the 19 year old monster who killed 17 students at a Florida High School, he’s just a child who ‘fell through the cracks.’ At least one FL politician suggested we lower the voting age to 16 because these young people would vote in gun control. We are hearing the cries to raise the age to purchase a rifle to 21 as 18-year-olds are not responsible enough – but they are mature enough to decide the future of the country? So let me get this straight; a 16-year-old near a mass shooting is somehow a gun control expert, but the 19-year -old shooter is ‘just a child’ – got it. Have you been seeing the networks dragging these kids on TV to lecture us on gun control as though they are now some kind of experts? Experts on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and eating Tide Pods maybe, gun regulations not so much.

So where do we draw the line?

On average 6 teens are killed in car crashes every single day. Overall odds of being killed in a car crash are 1 in 645. But your odds of being killed by a bad guy with a gun is 1 in 24,974. I certainly haven’t heard any talk about raising the driving age. It’s easy to paint a subject like this with a broad brush, but more difficult to come to a real solution. Many 18-year-olds are responsible young adults, many are not. Maybe instead of age, maybe a clean police record and a current pay stub should be a prerequisite for getting a drivers licence – you know, comprehensive background check. Maybe the same should be required to vote, or maybe a drivers licence and a utility bill with their name on it. I simply don’t know what the answer is, but raising the age to purchase a rifle certainly isn’t going to solve anything.

Keep your powder dry.

South Africa: ‘We are not calling for the slaughter of white people – at least for now.’

The South African parliament recently voted overwhelmingly (241 – 83) to remove white farmers from their land without compensation. You can read the story here.  It is their contention that whites stole this land from them and it is now time for justice– sound a bit like the ‘Dreamers?’ Can you imagine if this happened here? Could it happen here? What if the Government decided to seize lands from southern border states to hand over to illegals who claim that land was ‘stolen’ from them? When you hear people like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters talk it doesn’t sound all that far fetched.

It should be noted that private gun ownership is very low in South Africa following the Firearms Control Act of 2000 which fully took effect in 2004. Then in 2005 gun owners were given 5 years to re-license or surrender their guns. Now just a few years later, they’re throwing white farmers off their land without compensation while opening the door to the mass genocide of whites. Is it just me or does there seem to be a correlation here?

This story would be easy to miss as the media is largely ignoring it. If we had an honest media here in the US this would be front page everywhere – a nation’s leaders suggesting genocide, but sadly the American media is too busy pushing gun control to bother with such a story. Wait, gun control? Hmm.

Keep your powder dry.