About Those Resolutions

Now that the holidays are long past and spring is just around the corner, let me ask you this: how did those New Year’s resolutions work out? Still going to the gym or working out everyday? And how’s that new diet you vowed to finally stick to? Well, if your like most people, it’s all fallen to the wayside. Fact is only 8% of people actually stick to their resolutions and 80% fail by Feburary.  This is probably due to many factors, but the most likely is that you made unrealistic or unachieveable resolutions which led to frustration. Often when we set goals, we fail to factor in the inevitable and unavoidable roadblocks that life throws at us. Life happens.

If this all sounds familiar then you re not alone. I stumbled a few times so far this year in my quest to get in better shape and build stamina. For months I hiked every single day, taking on bigger challenges, longer hikes, more difficult trails; until that deaded flu strain hit. Yes, I fell short, the flu, family issues and single digit temperatures conspired to bring my workouts to a grinding halt. To make things worse, after 2 months off the trails, my body was not ready to go full steam ahead, I had to basically start all over again. To add insult to injury, I took a pretty nasty fall on my first time back out there, frustrating. This is where most people simply give up.

Reset: so look at the goals you set and start over; what did you hope to achieve, how can you realistically get there. Maybe your goal was saving money so you swore never to eat out again, well maybe you should have cut that in half rather than try to eliminate it all together. Whatever your situation, whatever your goal, find a way to get back on track working towards that goal. Me, I’m back on the trails and working everyday to get just a little bit better than I was yesterday. I changed the plan from 30 miles a week to 20 miles and have actuallyexceeded that so far, but if I miss a few days, I can still achieve my goal. So take a reset, set a reasonable goal, and get back to it!

Hope you find this helpful.


So why is EVERYTHING ‘Racist’ now?

If you’ve been participating in forums or Facebook chatter or even just observing the media: everything is racist. Racist statues, racist police, racist President; why now? Though I believe most that are employing this tactic are far too shallow and uninformed to understand where this tactic came from, they are however following Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. You may or may not be familiar with this book, but both Clinton and Obama are big fans and employed his teachings throughout their lives. No, I think most who use these tactics are simply following the example of those two who they hold in such high regard. If you recall, neither of these individuals would actually debate an issue as it’s too difficult to defend failed ideologies, but rather would mock anyone who held an opposing view.

Rules for Radicals Rule 5:  “Ridicule is mans most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage.” Continue reading “So why is EVERYTHING ‘Racist’ now?”

My 2 Cents on the National Anthem Protests

Unless you live in a vacuum I have to assume you’ve seen or at least read about NFL players refusing to stand for the National Anthem in an attempt to protest something. Some say these players are spoiled little brats protesting ‘injustice’ while being paid millions to play a GAME; I agree. Some say that regardless of whether they are right or wrong, they have the right to protest; I agree. However, when is it ok to protest on their employer’s time? I ask you, can you stand up at work and start protesting some perceived ‘injustice’ when you are supposed to be working? I have a sneaky suspicion that you would soon be looking for new employment. Now let’s take it one step further and imagine that your ‘protest’ was visible to the customers; right or wrong, it’s probably safe to say that some of those customers would be upset by your actions and take their business elsewhere. So when we’re talking about the NFL, who is the customer? Is it the owners, coaches, sponsors, and networks; to some extent yes, but the real customer, the real source of income, are the fans. So when you stand up at work and protest your perceived ‘injustice’ in front of the fans, you are likely to see many of those customers take their business elsewhere. Yes, these players can protest anything they like, but protesting in front of the fans is a big mistake and will prove costly in the long run.

As for that Colin Kaepernick guy who apparently started all this drama, he’s unemployed as he should be. Why would any NFL owner sign a trouble maker (whether they agree with him or not) who finished the 2016 season 1-10?

Final word; if you want to protest, fine protest, but do it on your own time.

The Next Step in the Journey

It’s a bit surreal to think of how far we’ve come on this journey to a more self sustaining life. Our goal of leaving the rat race, to live a simpler more fulfilling life, has been a long and difficult one. Now, more than 10 years since the journey began, we are about to take the next step. When I awake Saturday morning, I will no longer have an alarm to set, or work schedule to adhere to. No, the 60 hour work weeks will be over, something that is hard to wrap my head around. Wish us luck, we’ll keep you posted!

“So often times it happens, that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key.”

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Happy prepping!

28 Day Countdown – Fear of Taking the Plunge

28 Days and 14 hours as of this writing until I take that next step, leaving the 60 hour a week job for solitude in the mountains. It’s been a 10 year journey with mixed results, but we think we’re ready, but there is always fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of bad decisions, fear of losing that safety net. Hope for a better life, hope for living a healthier life, and hope of finally fulfilling that dream. Spring is always a time of new beginnings as nature emerges from its hibernation, we hope the same will be true for us. We have improved our situation a great deal since we first moved to the mountains.

  • ·                       Retirement funds rebuilt
  • ·                       More cash in the bank
  • ·                       Debt is gone
  • ·                       2 new paid for cars
  • ·                       New, more efficient appliances
  • ·                       Improved security
  • ·                       Reduced costs of living
  • ·                       Large stash of food, water, etc.
  • ·                       Growing and saving more of our own food
  • ·                       Added solar power to our preps

I’m sure there are things we are missing, something we’ve overlooked, but here we go! We pray for guidance.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Happy prepping!