Flashback: Leftists Call For Harassment of Conservatives Everywhere – Including in Their Own Homes

Following the attempted assassination of several House Republicans I thought you might find this previous post relevant.

The left has a long history of violence, and that violence is escalating on a daily basis. The ‘open-minded’ are so enraged that not everyone thinks like they do that they are once again resorting to violence.  Recently a writer for the ever anti-American Huffington Post spewed out an article (under the header of Queer Voices) entitled ‘To Save America We Must Stop Being Polite And  Immediately Start Raising Hell’ in which he called for the escalation of “our outrage and our anger is a massive way.” He called for the harassment of conservatives everywhere including in their own homes while out of the other side of his mouth claiming that he is not calling for violence like the ‘thuggish behavior of the Trump supporters.’ Wink Wink Nudge Nudge

Left wing protesters

While I certainly support the right of all Americans to participate in peaceful protest, what we are seeing as of late is anything but peaceful. Burning police cars and smashing windows is NOT civil discourse. Let me ask you this, when have you seen conservatives throwing rocks and bottles at the police? When have you seen conservatives physically attack someone because they hold a different point of view? Reminder: it was Barack Obama who said “if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” For once I actually agree with Mr. Obama; bring a gun. I am in no way encouraging anyone to go looking for a fight, but I do strongly suggest that you be very aware of your surroundings and prepared to defend yourself and your family should the need arise. Continue reading “Flashback: Leftists Call For Harassment of Conservatives Everywhere – Including in Their Own Homes”


Riots in the street – are you prepared?

With hoodlums rioting in the streets across America we thought it might be a good time to revisit our Top 10 items for any Emergency. So without further delay…

Water – you can’t live without it and you can’t have too much, also consider having a Water Purifier.

Food – basic canned goods along with other longer shelf life products can literally be a life saver. Check out our big incomplete list of items to store:

Medication and basic first aide – any prescription medication that you or your family need plus Baby Aspirin, Band-Aids, gauze, antibiotic creme etc…consider a small First Aid Kit.

Light – getting around a darkened house can be dangerous; a couple of good flashlights, LED Lantern and of course batteries will brighten any situation.

Heat source – particularly in colder climates, a small indoor-safe propane heater can be the difference between life and death when the power goes out.

Propane stove/grill – obviously not all food needs to be warmed/cooked to be edible, but having a camping stove definitely opens the menu a bit.

Fuel – usually becomes scarce quickly and your nifty stove and heater are useless without it.  Also, if you need to ‘bug out’ your vehicle is a lot more effective if it has fuel!

Radio – knowing what is going on in any emergency situation is critical for planning as well as for simple peace of mind. A good AM/FM radio is fine, but I like the Red Cross Hand Crank Radio that you can use to charge your cell phone with.

Firearms and ammo – it many disaster situations looting starts almost immediately; all the supplies you’ve stashed won’t do you any good if you can’t protect them. Please be sure to not only practice using your firearm, but make sure everyone in your family does as well.

Cash – cash is still king, at least for now. I don’t recommend hiding all your money under the mattress, but a few hundred dollars in small bills may buy you out of a jam. We keep a decent stash of cash at home, some in each vehicle as well as a few bucks stashed behind the old cell phone cover.

Yes, there a dozens of other items that could be added to the list, but for now let’s keep it simple. Regardless of what you’re personally preparing for these 10 items will give you a definite advantage over those who simply go through life chasing Pokemon and watching America’s Got Talent.

Happy prepping!

2 Women Battle Over Last Case of Water

We’ve seen desperate people turn violent in the aftermath of natural disasters before, but apparently some couldn’t wait for the hurricane to actually arrive. At a Wal-Mart store in Florida these 2 classy ladies battle it out over the last case of water (read here.) Now we can only guess as to how these two behave in the absence of a crisis, but it does demonstrate how quickly such a basic necessity as water, or the lack of it, can drive some to violence. I happen to believe that our increasingly fragile and government dependent society turns violent much more quickly than it would have in the past. My interactions with the public on a daily basis provide a unique perspective on just how thin skinned and self-important people have become and how quickly they lose control of their emotions. I recently had an elderly woman go on a profanity laced tirade simply because we did not carry a certain product that she had ‘seen on TV.’ Another ‘gentleman’ demanded the number of the Region manager as he spewed racial slurs, that I shall not repeat, because he felt he had waited in line too long. Touchy, touchy. People freak out if Facebook is down for 5 minutes, what would they do if the SHTF? And they wonder why I’m a prepper! Stay tuned for more updates on the Bunker Project.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Happy prepping!

And they wonder why we’re preppers

If you are an informed citizen then it’s fairly easy to see the death spiral of our American society. However, far too many Americans are truly unaware of (or don’t care) just how far we’ve fallen and our bought and paid for media is heavily to blame. If you’re not a big news follower, and who could blame you, just take a quick look at the Drudge Report, or any other non-Lame Stream Media news organizations and judge for yourself. Over the last 8+ years I spent literally thousands of hours pouring through political news to post to my website, and I too became resistant to even opening my own page as it had simply become too depressing. But what you need to understand is how the media is glossing over (to put it nicely) what is going on. There is a story out there today of a white woman being beaten for trying to protect her Trump sign while these thugs filmed and boastfully posted it all to twitter (read here). Obviously this story doesn’t fit the left-wing media narrative of ‘hate filled, gun toting conservatives’ as the bad guys so, of course, they ignored it. ABC’s news site was too busy talking about Kim Kardashian being robbed and LaBron James endorsing Hillary Clinton to bother with such an ‘irrelevant’ event. NBCnews.com meanwhile has 3 hit stories on Donald Trump and of course LaBron James endorsing Hillary as well. CNN is all about Trump’s tax returns and CBSnews.com is of course more of the same. No mention anywhere of attacks against citizens who dare hold an opposing view, this of course from those who are supposed to ‘report the news’ without bias. No mention of the thousands of illegals committing heinous crimes against our citizens and certainly nothing of the terrorists we are willfully importing from Syria.  Nope, it’s all about making sure their political allies maintain control. Remember Obama deriding those ‘clinging to their guns and Bibles?’ Eight years of anti-American rhetoric from our own White House has succeeded in ‘fundamentally changing’ our American society into something most of us can no longer recognize. Thugs roaming the streets burning and looting are ‘activists’ while hardworking Americans need to give up their guns and pay more taxes – enough! They can make fun of preppers, homesteaders and survivalists all they like, but the safety and well being of my family is my responsibility and I refuse to rely on some fat complicit government bureaucracy to come to the rescue when the SHTF. Enough said. I think I’ll pick up some more ammo on the way home from work.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Happy prepping!

Safe Spaces

Preppers, Homesteaders and Survivalists all get a bad wrap in the media these days; labeled as kooks, gun nuts or worse. They portray us as tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theory nuts, extremists, or fringe groups not to be trusted. How dare you prepare to take care of your family in an emergency? How dare you work your butt off to become self-sufficient? How dare you believe in the Constitution; our right to free speech, our right to bear arms, how dare you!?!? Our own Federal Government considers anyone with more than 3 days worth of rations a potential terrorist threat. Oddly enough, Ready.gov recommends everyone have 3 days worth of food and water, yet if you have a morsel more than 3 days, you might be a terrorist. Strange world we live in. And if you believe anything spewing from the left-wing media, you might be a redneck…I mean a liberal. Yes, we’re importing thousands of so-called refugees from Syria, with absolutely no vetting process, but you, yes you are the potential terrorist they are worried about.

Patriotism: Banned in America

If you have any doubt that our society is on the verge of collapse, spending just a few moments on any of the major news sites should quickly confirm your worst fears. On any given day there are a multitude of stories about safe spaces, particularly on college campuses, areas where free speech is banned in the name of ‘tolerance’ and sensitivity. Just this morning I was reading a story about these ‘horrible’ high school kids who brought a Trump banner and a Betsy Ross flag to a football game; outrageous! But it gets worse; some of these students had the gall to wear red, white and blue and you’ll never guess what these horrible racists did next – they dared to chant USA! USA! USA! Yes, the end is near. Because these young patriots were from a mostly white school and their opponents from a mostly black school their actions clearly made them racist, that according to the school district, the superintendent, etc, etc, etc. Then of course the left wing media comes riding to the rescue, to right the wrongs and expose these horrible kids and their despicable actions!  The media, in their great and unbiased wisdom, logically interviewed the most qualified and unbiased person they could find; yes you guessed it, a ‘Black Lives Matter’ leader. Really? This was a win- win for the liberal media really, two birds with one stone if you will; attack those who still dare to support our Country and give credibility to the domestic terrorists known as BLM. This terrorist leader immediately confirmed, of course, that these kids and their actions were not only racist, but intentionally racist! Do you recognize the Country you grew up in; I don’t.

So what ya’ gonna do about it, huh?

I no longer get discouraged or offended when the media attacks folks like us, because they attack anything that stands in the way of the progressive agenda and the ultimate destruction of our once great nation. They attack the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, property rights, religious freedom (unless your Muslim,) border security, or even the simple right to live your life as you please – anything that resembles common sense is attacked and belittled. No, I don’t let it discourage me anymore, quite the opposite actually. There’s an old saying that ‘the more flack you take, the closer you are to the target.’ The more I see society self destruct, the harder I work to prepare for the inevitable collapse. The more they attack us, the more I think about my safe space and the harder I work to become less reliant on a shattering society and a corrupt Federal Government. Every time I hear the term safe spaces, I want to buy more supplies for my safe space (I’ll be covering our own .safe space transformation in future articles.)  There are lots of good reasons to store food and water, lots of good reasons to learn survival skills and lots of good reasons to become self-sufficient, but the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness is the best reason of all. You deserve better, your family deserves better, if you haven’t started prepping yet, get going today! Thanks to all who are reading and learning to be better prepared, and thanks to all the great bloggers out there sharing their knowledge and skills with all of us. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Happy Prepping!