2021: The Gift That Just Keeps on Giving

The COVID vaccine (safe or not) is being pumped into Americans coast to coast at a record pace, yet we’re still being told we must wear two masks (maybe three?) and stay 6 feet apart, possibly forever, even if you get the vaccine. Today, China Joe is threatening domestic travel bans between States, yes you read that right. The Country formerly known as the land of the free, now run by totalitarian leftists, may force you to produce your vaccination papers to travel outside your own State. Sound familiar? Your papers please! (spoken with a bad German accent of course.) PS It’s now OK to travel to the US from terrorist sponsoring countries, but not from Florida. Welcome to O’Biden land, roll up your sleeve and wait till you’re called.

The Regime is attacking individual freedoms from every angle while attempting to prop up a lockdown crippled economy through smoke and mirrors. Looking at the staggering amounts of money being pulled out of thin air to hand out to the locked down masses, including 30 million illegals, it’s not a matter of if, but when the bubble bursts. I personally believe the odds of an economic melt down are extremely high and the time for preparation is getting shorter by the day. As we get closer to what I consider the edge, we have been taking a hard look at our preps and adding addition products as needed.

Surviving a long deep depression takes more than just some canned goods and ammo. You will likely need the means to repair and maintain your dwelling and possibly those of friends and family if they are close by. Just like toilet paper in April of 2020, home repair supplies may become difficult to acquire due to hoarding, supply chain issues, inability to travel freely or simply too expensive due to hyper inflation. I was a manager for a large home improvement store for a while and I witnessed first hand how quickly some supplies would run out during a particularly cold winter.

Its long been said that you can fix practically anything with either duct tape or WD-40 and I tend to believe it’s true. And yes, that’s ‘duct’ tape as in heating and cooling ducts not ‘duck’ tape even though there is now one that calls itself ‘Duck Tape,’ but I digress. So what I’m getting to in a very round about way, is look around your dwelling, do you have enough basic supplies to keep the home front up and running? These days YouTube is a great go to for repair knowledge, but what if the internet is unavailable or even blocked by our media overlords? A good old fashion home repair book could become invaluable.

A few other items to think about might be:

  • Tarps and plastic sheeting
  • Rope, twine, paracord, clothesline, zip ties
  • Various screws, nails, nuts and bolts
  • Hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, ratchets, saws and other hand tools
  • Shovels, rakes, hoes, and other garden tools
  • Axe or hatchet, sledge hammer, chainsaw, manchette
  • Wire stripper, bolt cutter, tin snips
  • PVC pipe, glue, various fittings
  • Hand truck, dolly, garden cart or wheelbarrow
  • Ladder or step stool
  • And of course duct tape and WD-40

It’s simply impossible to cover all possible repair situations that may arise, but you have to start somewhere. If you’re like us, we are consistently looking at where we might be falling short in our preps and addressing it as quickly as possible.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


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