Welcome to the USSA

They swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution then spend every waking moment trying to destroy it. They call conservatives racists, extremists, white supremacists and a ‘threat to our democracy.’ They seek to destroy our God given right to self defense as they surround themselves with thousands of National Guard Troops. They mock Christians, they mock traditional values, they mock patriotism; they refuse to fly our flag while praising those who disrespect our National Anthem. Sit down, shut up, and put on 2 masks. Welcome to the New Regime and say goodnight to America.

Before I go any further I think it’s important to note that the old Catch and Release border policies of the Obama Regime have returned. Understand, you have been locked down; schools, churches and businesses closed to stop of spread of COVID-19 or so they claimed, but they are now releasing illegal aliens into the country untested. Apparently if you cross the border illegally you are immune from carrying COVID-19 or any of it’s new variants, kind of like a peaceful protest. Yes, they are ILLEGAL ALIENS; not undocumented this or that, they have no legal right to be here, but this Regime values them more than the safety of your family. Remember that when they are preaching to you about your social responsibility to others.

Say goodbye to your rights. Face it, the 1st Amendment is dead or at least on it’s death bed. Your Church is closed indefinitely and you are NOT free to peacefully assemble unless you are looting and throwing rocks at the police. Your free speech is effectively gone; between the censorship by Big Tech and cancel culture destroying your life for daring to speak an opposing opinion, it is gone. Did you see where AIG cancelled baseball legend Curt Shilling’s insurance because he dared to make social media posts questioning the integrity of the Presidential election? Looking at the election and the commies in Congress attempting to preserve their ability to cheat forever through bill HR1 one must wonder how long before they don’t even bother going through the motions of holding an election. Or maybe it will be like other banana republics where ‘El Presidente Harris has won again with 100% of the vote!’

American cities are still being burned and looted during ‘peaceful protests’ and liberal run cities are recording their highest murder rates in years, Chicago reporting 44 already this year, but let’s defund the police! Yes, the elites demand the police be defunded and Americans disarmed as they surround themselves with armed guards and the US Capital looks like the Green Zone in Bagdad. And while we’re on the subject, why are more, yes more, Nation Guard soldiers being deployed to DC? I guess the better question would be, what are they planning to do that they think they need protection from us? Oh, did I fail to mention that at the same time the Regime has ordered our military on a 60 day stand down so they can ‘root out extremism.’ You know, gotta get rid of the Christians, patriots and of course those deplorable Trump supporters! Something sure smells fishy to me, but then, what do I know.

China says American gun ownership is a ‘serious problem’ and must change, Puppet Joe has promised to take guns away from law abiding Americans. China says the US must rejoin the Paris Agreement, Puppet Joe says US will rejoin Paris Agreement. China says US must rejoin the Iranian Nuclear deal, Puppet Joe says US will rejoin the Iranian Nuclear Agreement. Chinese fighters and bombers repeatedly violating Taiwanese airspace as China declares that Taiwan ‘independence means war,’ while Chinese warships shadow American Navy ships in the area. Normally, this type of overtly provocative action would receive a strong rebuke by any US President, but not this one. No, old China Joe is sitting there in a daze doing exactly what he was paid to do, nothing.

The soap box, jury box, ballot box, ammo box; guess which one is left. God help us.


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