Who Is Relying on You?

Preparing is more than just piling up some canned goods and a few candles. To be better prepared you have to decide what the most likely issues you and your family might face. Prepping for power outages or natural disasters are common and for good reason, but in today’s world sickness, job loss, recession, hyperinflation or even complete financial collapse are all real possibilities. You must decide how to best prepare for what you think is coming, this in turn will determine the direction and depth of your preps. What I think sometimes gets overlooked is who, outside of your inner circle, might also need/deserve your help? Do they know of your preps? How close by are they and how would you get them help? Would they be coming to stay with you?

I worried for years about my elderly parents who lived about 35 miles away. Their health wasn’t good and I was convinced that in a SHTF event I would need to bring them to stay with us, so I planned accordingly. They have both since passed so plans change. Recently my sister-n-law and her family moved here from the Chicago area and bought a home about 100 miles away. They are not preppers nor do they know that we are, but in an ‘event’ we might need to supply them with food or other supplies. We often meet for lunch at about the halfway point between our homes and so we are actually scouting out an emergency meeting place without them realizing it. My mother-n-law has a small farm about 15 miles from us and has been prepping for about 5 years and we plan on sharing accordingly. So when we are storing food, water and other supplies we have to factor in those people instead of just the 2 of us. We also try to have extra on top of that incase some distant friend or relative happens to show up on our doorstep. It’s also important to remember that some of your food preps may go bad over time so add a little extra just in case.

So who would be relying on you, how many might you have to feed and shelter? If you need to transport supplies to another location are you prepared to do so and do you have enough? The whole planet is a pressure cooker right now and unless something gives soon…

Time maybe up, prepare now.


  1. Such a great question and one too many people don’t consider.
    When we first started prepping Wonderful Wife and I were the only ones I was planning for. My kids are grown, I expressed my concerns to them and what I thought they should start working on. Wonderful Wife corrected the error of my ways and said she would not support any more preparedness efforts unless our kids, their spouses and the grand-kids were taken care of…oh, and our mothers too. A thirty day supply of food (our goal at the time) for two people fit in the kitchen pantry. A 30 day supply of food for 19 people is a whole different story…
    We have or are close to achieving many of our inventory goals that would allow us to assist with a group that size. I recently began to plan for my daughter (and her two girls) that live about five hours away in another city. As a teacher raising two girls on her own she doesn’t have much money to spare so I am working to put together supplies for them to “bunker in” where they are and supplies/gear that would be needed to get here if she needs to. Additionally, I have reached out to folks I trust in her area to arrange for the potential to shelter them or help them get (close) to here. It is complicated, time consuming and won’t be cheap but she is “in my circle” and I will do whatever I can to help her and her girls make it through the dark times ahead.
    Take care and God bless.

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  2. Very interesting and something ive always thought about. I am a prepper! Live on a farm. Have food, camping stuff that uses propane…..heaters, cooking etc. And I have a generator here. Ive stocked up on food! Ive my own water well! And in winter, can always melt snow. its plentiful. BUT my family dont live close. My closest child is 180 miles away. Doubt any of my family would even THINK of coming here to farm anyway. More likely some stranger roaming would before family! OR maybe a neighbor. I factor in lot more ppl than just myself but sadly, im afraid ill be by myself. However GOD can lead ppl here. Its not in my hands. Most of my kids dont listen to me when I preach it. Im a conspiracy nut. By the time the shit hits the fan, they wont be ABLE to travel! You know what an EMP is I assume! NOTHING that has a computer will work including vehicles unless they are old vehicles. That still have the distributor with points and condensor! Anyone that can should get an OLDER vehicle like that! And EMP will not stall them!

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