Check your progress

Just a quick look at the news today should reinforce your desire to prepare your family to survive; devastating earthquake in Italy, tornadoes in Indiana and Ohio, and parts of Louisiana still under water. The world is reminding you of just how fast your situation can change. So take a moment to check your progress; how’s the food storage going, how about water? Do you have a way to cook when the power is out? Do you have emergency lighting? Can you hunker down in your home or do you have somewhere safe to go if there is civil unrest? How about security? Where are you in your prepper journey and what‘s your next step or next purchase?

Take inventory

Look at your stash of goods; how many days worth of meals do you actually have? Not enough? Take an inventory of what you have, how many meals can you actually make and what do you need to add? Is your stash balanced or do you have 100 AA batteries and only 5 days worth of food? Do you have 10 boxes of 9mm ammo for a gun you haven’t shot in 2 years? Assess your situation and make a list of what you need to address. Face it, if you have enough food and water to last you 5 days, you’re far better prepared than 99% of your fellow citizens.

Happy prepping!

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