Apparently, I Am the Enemy

In this world of political correctness and diversity at all cost, it now seems that I and those like me, have become public enemy Number 1. If you choose to work hard , buy a home, raise your kids, save for retirement; that’s all fine and good as long as you are not a white male christian conservative. No, because if that’s the case then you are the cause of ALL the problems not only in America, but the entire planet! You may have worked hard, but your success is only due to your white privilege. You didn’t build that!

  • Think illegal aliens should be deported – RACIST!
  • Don’t support gay marriage – homophobic!
  • Believe in GOD – ignorant hillbilly!
  • Politically Conservative – Nazi!
  • Pro-Life – Fascist!
  • Believe in only 2 genders – xenophobe!
  • NRA member – child killer!
  • Voted for Trump – ALL OF THE ABOVE!

On a side note, I’ve never understood how NRA members are ‘child killers’, but a woman who kills her unborn child is simply exercising her natural rights to make health decisions concerning her own body. Hmm.

Now, if you are a hard left communist such as Bernie Sanders or Chucky Schumer, it’s apparently OK to be white because they hate white people too, especially conservatives. The latest slam the left and the media is throwing around (again) is ‘old white men’ as if there is something inherently evil about being white and over say 40.   Remember when Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor proudly displayed her racist views stating that a ‘Wise Latina woman would make a better judgement than a white man’ and was quickly confirmed to the Supreme Court? Yea, so do I.

Well, in this upside down world of political correctness we are told we must accept or even celebrate whenever someone decides to identify as something other than how they were born. Swell. From now on I’m self identifying as an AR-15 – so go on, celebrate!

AR-15 2

And they wonder why we’re preppers.



    1. Nope you are a hero for providing useful information for self and hop protection. I’ve followed most, some I had done before. Nice post. If you are the enemy, so am I. J.C.

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  1. Fun fact, when I was a young Hippie in the 60’s we were in constant fear of police harassment and violent physical attack from Rednecks any time we were out in public. Then, as now, Rednecks were dismayed to find Hippies hit back. Government repression is not liberal or conservative, it just aims at whoever the Power fears at the time. Be prepared…

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