Practicing Your Preps: Hiking

It’s no surprise that most preparedness minded people tend to focus heavily on food, water, equipment and firearms as those will likely be the most immediate needs in a crisis. However, do you or will you have the physical and mental strength to weather such a crisis? This is a question I have often asked myself through this journey and sadly, if I’m to be honest with myself, I would have to say no. Yes, I’ve reduced the amount of sugary drinks, cut back on the fast food and junk food and actually managed to lose a few pounds.  Yes, I’m eating somewhat better with fresh fruits and veggies available from the garden as well as doing a bit more shopping at the farmers market, but still far from where I need to be. If I were to ponder a guess I would say many of you are in the same situation. So what to do about it? Forget the gym, not going to happen. I have free weights and an elliptical machine gathering dust in the basement – I simply can’t stand the boredom that comes with the mindless repetition required to make them effective – so what then? For us, the wife and I, we have decided to take up hiking. We live in an area full of hiking trails that people actually travel here to enjoy, yet we had never set foot on any of them – time to change that.


Our first adventure.

Not really knowing where to start we just picked one close to us and off we went. I did not drag along my complete bug out bag for the sake of weight, but simply kept a few basics in it for the hike; bottled water, snacks, rain gear, knife, gloves, etc., nothing fancy. We should have done some research on this particular ‘loop trail’ as we later found it contained easy, moderate and difficult hiking depending on how far you chose to go – lesson learned.



We walked, we climbed, we laughed, we struggled, and even got rained on and when it was over we were tired and sore – but it was so worth it. The hike was challenging (at least for us), the views were amazing, and we learned a lot about ourselves. Considering we are in our early 50’s we handled the challenge far better than either of us thought we would, but also realized how much stronger and better prepared we could be if we made this a habit. So we have challenged ourselves to take on at least one good hike every week. Please consider what you can do to better prepare yourself for the difficult times that may lie ahead. Maybe hiking is for you, maybe it isn’t; but you won’t know till you try.


We have another hike planned for tomorrow; maybe we’ll see you there!


Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Happy prepping!

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