Why Any Gun is Better Than No Gun

Recently a fellow blogger named The Armed Christian posted a great article called: Don’t Carry That Round, It Will Just Make Them Mad. He refers to one of the most argued about subjects among shooters – caliber. I have heard this many times over the years, ‘small calibers are a waste – you have to have a least a 9 mm.’ You will hear others say that even the popular 9 mm is under powered – hogwash. The best caliber firearm for you is one you will carry with confidence, if that’s just a .22 or .25 then so be it! Any gun is better than no gun.

Often times as a trainer I come across people who have issues with upper body strength or even arthritis who simply can’t operate the slide of larger automatics nor pull the
trigger on a double action revolver. Should these folks be left without a firearm? No! A good little .22 or .25 is a good choice for them, again, any gun is better than no gun. I often train new students using the M&P .22; it’s well made, reliable and feels much like it’s big brothers. These guns are easy to operate; with light slide, easy to load magazine and little recoil, they inspire confidence in the shooter.

I spent years as a safety guy for a large trucking company where we often used cantaloupes to replicate head or other soft tissue injuries like falling off a ladder or getting hit with a fork lift. So I decided to test a .22 pistol on a cantaloupe.

Didn’t look too bad from the front, but the back provides some perspective.


The effectiveness of any firearm is primarily reliant on the shooter. Yes, larger calibers add more punch, but personally I don’t want to be hit with any of them!

Keep your powder dry!

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