Gear Review: Sightmark LoPro LED Light/Green Laser Combo

I’ve owned my AR-15 for several years and despite some temptation I have left it stock except for a small red dot sight. I have always found it curious that the AR-15 is often chosen for it’s light weight, then loaded up with every conceivable accessory – nullifying the weight advantage. A customer recently brought his in for some work that easily weighed over 25 lbs!  Now, if that’s what you want to do, go for it, it’s your gun, but you might not be happy with the end result.

Following my recent Incident with a Trespasser, I decided I needed some low light options. I added night sights to my Glock 19 which resides on the night stand over night, but the AR-15 would have been a better choice for that encounter. I didn’t want to lose the use of the red dot sight, nor did I want to add a lower rail, or a bunch of weight. After a great deal of searching (and lots of unsolicited advice) I found a low profile laser/light combo  that claimed it could be used with a scope, red dot and even fixed sights.

Install was quick and easy, slide it on the rail and tighten with a flat screw driver.


Sights are dialed in using 2 over sized knobs: one on top, one on the left side.


There are three little buttons on top that give you the option to run flashlight, laser or both at the same time. There is also an pressure switch included, but to this point I have chosen not to attach it.


The flashlight isn’t overly bright, manual claims 220 lumens, but the green laser really reaches out – over 100 yards in bright sunlight and adds less than a pound to the weight of the gun. There is also a less expensive version that is green laser only.

There are literally hundreds of lasers out there, but this little guy performs well while allowing you to use a scope, red dot or even fixed sights and maintaining a light weight gun. Hope you found this helpful.

Keep your powder dry!

Note: It appears that Amazon is no longer carrying this product but you should still be able to find it at other retailers.

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